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Jacquard is a process of weaving, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804. This process can be used to automatically weave textiles on a loom, which adds greater control and precision. Unlimited varieties of weaving can be used as one or in combination. This process uses a paper band which is perforated which represents the crossing of one string over another. A combination of these perforations creates a pattern. A combination of patterns creates the design on a textile. Jacquard is special because many weave types can be used to give character and depth to a design. This Jacquard process of using perforated cards was based on earlier inventions as long ago as 1725.

In the late 19th century, the idea of using perforated cards to “program” a loom was used to create other new inventions like self playing pianos, music boxes etc. You might be more familiar with the evolution of the “Analytical Engine”, invented by Charles Babbage, which eventually became the computer. IBM used these punched cards to give a computer program instructions in the 1940’s. These types of computers were still in use up to the mid-1980’s.

Our tea towels are 100% usable kitchen dish towels.

Kitchen chefs and enthusiasts value them for their great absorbency, ability to dry quickly and luxurious craftsmanship. Actually the more you use them, the more soft and more absorbent they become.

100% Cotton

They are loomed in Czech Republic, Europe.

We are fourth generation working in textile. Turning our ideas into designs and designs into the final product is an adventurous journey... We enjoy the process...

Our tea towels are an old fashioned product as you know it from the times of our great grandparents. Designs are not printed but intricately woven.

They are sought out by kitchen professionals for their high absorbency, ability to dry quickly and strong fabric. Their luxurious beauty, that lasts for generations, is also a reason..

They are family designed and woven on old jacquard looms in Czech Republic. Those old looms still use traditional paper punched cards for transforming the pattern into weaves. This intricate jacquard production technique allows for the creation of beautiful richly woven designs that you can enjoy for years to come...

Modern looms have computers built in them and are very fast. However we believe that the slow traditional way still has its advantages. Sometimes less is more. Careful attention to every detail and quality is still sought out by many of our customers...


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