What is Jacquard?

Jacquard is a process of weaving, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804. This process can be used to automatically weave textiles on a loom, which adds greater control and precision. Unlimited varieties of weaving can be used as one or in combination. This process uses a paper band which is perforated which represents the crossing of one string over another. A combination of these perforations creates a pattern. A combination of patterns creates the design on a textile. Jacquard is special because many weave types can be used to give character and depth to a design. This Jacquard process of using perforated cards was based on earlier inventions as long ago as 1725.

In the late 19th century, the idea of using perforated cards to “program” a loom was used to create a new technology: the Analytical Engine, invented by Charles Babbage. You might be more familiar with the evolution of the “Analytical Engine”, which eventually became the Computer. IBM used these punched cards to give a computer program instructions in the 1940’s. These types of computers were still in use up to the mid-1980’s.


What are Crystal Arrow’s textiles used for?

Our tea towels are 100% usable kitchen dish towels. However, many people find them too pretty to dry dishes with, so have found various other uses. Some of our customers have framed them, hung them as tapestries, sewn them onto jackets, sewn them into pillows or curtains, and used them as table dressings. The possibilities are endless!


What is the composition of these textiles?

100% cotton


Where are they made?

Intricately designed in St Louis, Missouri and loomed in Czech Republic, Europe.


Who designs them?

Our family creates each design from scratch.


Why are they special?

These tea towels are special because they are very family designed and very unique. They are woven on old looms in Czech Republic which still use paper Jacquard cards. We believe this creates a tighter weave and more intricate designs and weaves are possible.


What is the process?

Please see our video on the main page.


Where can I buy them?

Our towels can be purchased anytime on this website. Or email us if you would like to ask if we are attending an Art Show in your area.


** Store Policies **


If an order is placed by 3:00 PM CST, we will ship the same day. 

Free shipping is included in any order greater than $50. If an item is 13 ounces or less, it will ship USPS First Class. Otherwise, it will ship USPS Priority. Both options will include delivery confirmation with tracking numbers. Please let us know if you prefer UPS or Fedex shipping instead.



Returns are accepted on new, unused merchandise. Returns will be refunded to the same payment method chosen at checkout.

EXCEPTION - For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept any returns on Face Masks unless they arrive damaged or defective.


** Wholesale Info **

Does Crystal Arrow offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please email us with your questions and your order.


What is the minimum order?

20 towels is our minimum first order requirement.


What are the requirements for wholesale?

A business federal tax ID is required to set up a wholesale account with us.